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New Buffalo, MI

Calvary Chapel is an independent church in New Buffalo, Michigan. We are affiliated with the Calvary Chapel movement which originated in the 1970’s in Costa Mesa, California, now numbering over 2000 fellowships worldwide. We teach book by book, line by line through the bible.

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Weekly & Monthly Events

Please stop into any of our events to meet us!

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Bible Study

Join us Thursday evening 7 PM ET for a time of study and discussion.

Morning Bible Study

Saturday Morning
Bible Study

We offer a separate Men's Bible study and a Women's study on Saturday mornings. Men meet at 9:15am ET in person and on zoom, the women meet on zoom only at 10:30 AM ET.

Food Ministry Bag

We are partnering with Neighbor by Neighbor

Please bring in perishable items for the community families we love and serve.

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Sunday Morning Prayer

The Bible tells us to take our cares, concerns and praises to the Lord. This is a time where we pray for our families, our community, and our Nation. Our prayer time begins at 12pm ET.

What Our Members say ...

"I've always known the saying God loves me but for the longest time I couldn't believe it for myself. I was going to churches where I would enjoy the message but didn't feel "good enough" for the message -- which then made me feel like an imposter and didn't feel like I was part of the church family. I didn't feel like I belonged anywhere - work, school, or church. I felt like an outcast in the midst of the church family. I would try to go for at least six weeks at a time when I tried a church. You can't tell sometimes after one visit if it's a fit or not. I was invited to come to CCNB and I said yes. I love the fact that the family there admits they're not perfect and they don't pretend to be. They're real people teaching and learning what God's word says and how to apply it to our everyday lives. They don't force anything on anyone and are very accepting. They teach what the Bible says verse by verse. It didn't happen overnight, and I'm still learning, but I finally feel like a part of a church family."

"I've had a few bad experiences from 'religious people' in the past, and I'm an introvert on top of it, so it took alot to get me to find a church. I didn't want a large church with a concert and 15 minute message. I wanted a smaller church that focuses on teaching the Bible so I could learn about God. This church does exactly that. The congregation is friendly, kind and genuine. They're not pushy in any way. Services and Bible studies are also offered online, but I highly recommend coming in person. This introvert actually looks forward to going to church on Sunday, and thanks God for His patience and persistence...He knows what I need and led me here."

Join us for worship

Sundays 10:15